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Legalizing Perversion

WEF Declares Pedophilia ‘Sexual Orientation’ Must Be Added To LGBTQ+

To  me, this is the breaking point we probably all knew was coming!!  Please take the  time  to watch!    This must  not be allowed, plain and simple.   I’ve been in private practice for 40+ years and the main  reason both men and women have trauma issues to resolve is  due to childhood molestation  by PEDOPHILES, whether their own family members or outsiders!!  This trauma  is a life-long struggle that demonstrates in disease:  Mental, Emotional and/or Spiritual! 


The list of Physical issues: from food disorders to cancer;  Emotional:  temper tantrums, PTSD to dementia and Alzheimers; Spiritual:  a total disconnection from conscience and knowing the difference between right and wrong!

It’s incredible that there are people (especially women) attempting to justify PERVERSION as a sexual preference.  It’s beyond credence that any mother would spew the words found in the videos.  Animals are protective of their cubs, yet, there are women such as these who prefer to stay married to pedophiles in the name of security!  Yes, I’ve had clients born to such women and I have also met a few!

Please pass this on to friends and family.  I will also be speaking of this matter in my next podcast.  No, I’m not afraid of censorship — frankly I don’t care.  As some of you know, I “heard” a very long time ago I’m not here to win popularity contests and heaven knows, I never have!  I’ve been sending you my “alerts” for how many years now??

Ignoring or keeping head stuck in the sand regarding what is happening in our society is what got us to this particular precarious position!  


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