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A Message From Renee

I am Renee Devereaux and I offer solutions to physical, emotional and spiritual issues through hypnotherapy, nutrition and shamanic energy healing.   


I have been in private practice for 40+ and found early in my career that physical issues always appeared to have an emotional/spiritual source.  


I made that discovery so early due to my own inability to heal through tried-and-true healing techniques —- from nutrition to conventional medicine and alternative therapies —- and back to the intuitive knowing that my early history had proven me to be a textbook case for the essential healing of mind/body/Soul. 


Thus, the many years that I spent learning to heal myself made me a trauma resolution expert.   


I now offer my own proven method to liberate oneself and connect to feelings, sensations and emotions that will help my client release beliefs, traditions, and addictions no longer valid to become vibrant, fully alive with newly discovered creative skills to bring forth YOUR uniqueness — the gift of self-expression that makes life worth living! 


In addition to the CORE WORK, I’m also bringing to you a course that will realistically point to what is needed in order to declare sovereignty over your life and empower yourself to start your own business and/or undertake endeavors that may appear intimidating. 


Whether you are starting out in life with a diploma qualifying you for private practice, a position working for a company or corporation or you’re wanting to end a career that has sustained you and brought you to a crossroads where you’re just not sure what your next step should be, this is the course for you. 


Having been in private practice for 40+ years, I can honestly say, had I known at the beginning what I know now, I would not have hesitated for a moment to embark on what has been the most rewarding, exciting and downright incredible experience I could have imagined.  I will be eternally grateful for having had the insight, courage and determination that I, frankly, did not know existed within me. 


I established Natural Alternatives in 1983.  I bring it all to you through my new book, Freedom and Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship…this is how it all began … an unforgettable journey I am honored to be sharing with you. 


With love, 

Renee Devereaux 

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