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At the cutting edge of our evolutionary process is BIO-QUANTUM ACCELERATED SKIN CARE! If this sounds a bit wild, let’s explore what capabilities are now available to those who are open and receptive to new technology. 

I should first introduce you to SCALAR frequency, that frequency that is able to activate energetic transmission of the chemical DMT generated by the pineal gland and for those not familiar with the frequency of DMT, it’s also known as the GOD frequency! This frequency opens the third eye and allows us to connect to the Higher Aspects of the Self or Higher SELF —- which is the connection most of us aspiring to a Higher CONSCIOUSNESS yearn for. As frequencies are activated on a molecular level, a signal is released so that the body can turn off epigenetic codes, boost telomere and mitochondrial health and awaken the cells to 100% human potential. 

This activity provides the next level in age reversal and cellular regeneration! I have always believed this would be possible and consequently my refusal to accept any artificial or invasive treatment. Rejuvenation is possible ONLY through connection to SOURCE! This is precisely why I’ve been guiding clients for the past 40+ years to take the deep dives and access the “beauty from Within.” There’s NEVER been a question in my mind that perfection is available since it appears to me that everyone yearns for BEAUTY and will go to great lengths to achieve it, often to their detriment when they receive treatments that end up disfiguring them. 

Since I have always hungered for discovery through education, I have now become certified in this evolutionary technology. I have maintained my license as an esthetician and even though I don’t actually offer facials, I will be offering the education (as well as products) which my clients can learn to use in the privacy of their homes. It’s my intention to offer classes in person and online. 

Please be aware that the Scalar technology works with the ingredients of the products energetically! The body knows it has abilities beyond the limitation of the mind and ego. It will shift YOU from identifying in the programming the cell holds (epigenetic mutations) and will begin to identify in the frequency that is encoded in the Evolution Technology allowing your DNA to begin to turn on dormant DMT codes, while allowing cell division and advancing consciousness —- not merely

Renee’s Elite Package

Elite Package of Renee’s Essential Picks including 4 Activations plus instructions on how to use the products:  Do your own Facials and Daily treatments in the privacy of your home!*


Cleanser - $76.00

Toner - $70.00

Collagen Enhancement Mask - $120.00

4-Piece  Scalar Essential Oil Set - $144.00

Scalar 33 Ormus Activator - $111.00

Conscious Serum Set - $110.00

Phyto Cell Creme - $135.00

Particle Accelerator Supplement - $66.00


Total Package - $832

Check, and cash are accepted via mail, please contact for other payment options.

The Frequency Activations along with the Scalar Evolution Technology are intended to facilitate a new foundation for creating New Form!  


What will be the embodiment you want to demonstrate? It all depends on the frequencies you hold! 

Isn’t it time to make real what you’ve been holding in heart, mind, and Soul?

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