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Work with Rénee

During out time  together, we will explore traumatic events and pinpoint specific patterns developed without judging or criticizing; we must be able to see that we often judge from an adult perspective the conclusions made by a child or younger person during duress.


Understand the value of spiritual “interpretation” as a tool for growth rather than for rejection of what occurred.

Identify the innate desire to understand the “why” of painful human behavior — the very reason why at this time, there is so much pain, illness, and suffering.

Recognize the need to address the “shadow” in order to liberate creativity and authentic self-expression; we do ourselves great disservice when refusing to own the feelings, emotions and sensations that are part and parcel of being human.

Realize that through feeling of emotions in the body and somatic movement you can connect with love and compassion to the self that had the courage and tenacity to not just survive, but to be willing to risk and take the deep dive into true spirituality.


This is the reason for our birth into this, the most exciting time period.  It’s a gift to ourselves to enter the Spiritual Journey  wholeheartedly and embody what is innate in our cells and essence —— to live and express that which is uniquely ours! 


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