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Is ACCEPTANCE merely an excuse for APATHY??

IT’S true that there are times when it’s essential to come to terms with a  particular situations, and ACCEPT the circumstance —- I believe that applies in relationships:  Other people will not change because you want them  to.

Sometimes they will understand when they THEMSELVES understand that it  may be for their own benefit that you asked them to change an opinion or direction in which they are going.

And, you can bet they will never change simply because you want them to.

When another person behaves in a manner that impacts you personally, causing emotional, physical or spiritual  pain, you might just as well remove yourself from the relationship because they are not going to change unless you are willing to risk permanent separation.  That’s sometimes enough to cause someone to change. Or at least to consider changing.

If you repeatedly threaten, they will live under the impression that you don’t really mean to take the action you are threatening with.

Are you willing to stay in a relationship even though there are aspects that you object to?

This is the dilemma too many find themselves in.  They dread the idea of being alone.  FEAR comes in many forms!

What are the options?  You may be able to talk yourself into believing you are accepting someone as they are, but, are you really ACCEPTING them or are you RESIGNING yourself into a hopeless corner where you build resentment to the point of rage?  And end up making yourself ill?

We have been conditioned to believe that we must accept every and all circumstances that may exist under the guise of tolerance and understanding.

Let’s examine that for a moment.

Yes, there are  many occasions where we must take responsibility for not having expressed discontent when we deemed a particular behavior unacceptable, yet, we decided not speak for fear of upsetting the applecart.

Definitely part of the conditioning perpetrated onto our society—- to learn to stuff feelings and emotions making believe no one can detect the lie.  Denial is huge in our society and it’s much to our individual detriment.

Going along to get along is what got us, as a society, into our existing predicament and when one is bold enough to object or bring light into a situation that is fundamentally destructive, objections arise.

I had just that experience recently.  I was calling attention to the potential danger of AI —- and in turn I was called judgmental.

Yes, I am in judgement —- the designers are intending AI to merge with our brains and thereby transform humanity into a robotic existence.

I find that entire possibility completely unacceptable.  Destroying our individuality and uniqueness is likely to happen, if we allow it.

As I have observed, too many have fallen in love with the AI promise.  The choice is yours to make:  AI can stand for Artificial Intelligence or is that choice you are making, thinking it’s progressive and advanced when in reality it’s merely a cover up for personal apathy and inertia???  Perhaps that’s the  real A I …

Yes I can understand the seduction, yet, with a clear thinking mind, is that really what we need at this time?

From my perspective, I suggest we become better informed as to all the ramifications.  That applies to everything we encounter.

To blindly accept whatever others may be planning without accessing our critical, reasoning capabilities implies dis-interest that can ultimately destroy an entire nation.

It simply appears to me that far too many have simply REESIGNED themselves into submission.  That is the learned helplessness we are conditioned to accept.

We’ve been fed nonsense through our schools and TV.  The New Age Movement  an the Course in Miracles have had tremendous influence, having everyone believe that we must accept everything as it is and everyone as they are.  If you don’t, then, you never reach enlightenment.

I say to you that acceptance of anything is an individual choice that must be made consciously  and with full awareness of consequences.

To simply slide into hopeless resignation is not what  a great number of us  signed up for.

I used the word ACCEPTANCE in my book the Ultimate Love Affair in the sub-title:  Unconditional SELF-ACCEPTANCE and LOVE -  I was referring to the acceptance of what we know is true from our INTUITION which happens to  be the voice of the Higher Self — THAT voice is to be accepted unconditionally!

That’s, if and when, we learn to differentiate that voice from the EGO — the other voice that will constantly mislead us.

That’s the only time to accept anything. Other than that, question everything until you are sure that the decision you are making is not one that you will soon live to regret.

You see, there’s a fine line between acceptance and resignation.  I will never accept the fact that so many seem to blindly follow the herd.  I sense that they simply don’t know what they don’t know.

I would like to find a way to reach more of them.  I wrote my second book with that objective in mind.  FREEDOM AND EMPOWERMENT THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP may speak to some.

It may help make the connection to what’s at stake in all this.  It’s about developing the aspect of you that is sacred and uniquely YOURS - YOUR CREATIVITY and DIVINE SPARK.

I, along with many others, have sensed that what is happening in our world now was a long time in coming and even though much of what we had to say was ignored, some did pay attention.

I believe that if more people listen, in time they may develop a different perspective.  If only three out of nine listen, three may be able to transform!

Resignation is unknown to a great number of us.  I know it exists and I pray most can hear the difference between ACCEPTANCE and RESIGNATION!

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