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Commitment to Truth and Freedom


As our world is driven into a deeper degree of conflict, I want to acknowledge that  a great number of people are despairing, surrendering to the anxiety and fear that seems to be inevitable under such circumstances.

I pray that humanity will survive this onslaught of criminality, mind control and deceit. I pray that those who are so deeply frightened  take heart and realize that the reason you may be shocked beyond belief is because it’s just not in your heart or spirit to believe that such a monstrous agenda has gotten to this point.

The love and compassion I feel for the many, those who I know to be generous, kind and loving is without limit.   I gratefully experienced the core of the American spirit when I first arrived in this country and have been forever grateful, wanting to give back and help everyone through prevention of illness and  sharing ways of staying away from big pharma.

In fact, a comment I made on Martin Armstrong’s* blog was published and you can read it yourself.  I simply want so much to make people aware that the freedom so many have taken for granted was just not available to many of the foreign-born.  I’ve been urging everyone to awaken to the potential loss of that priceless gift!

Now, blessedly, there are many speaking, out helping the masses awaken to the potential unfolding of a plan so monstrous, it defies belief.

Take the time to inform yourself so you may make decisions and form opinions that come from YOU.  Become an independent thinker for the love of you and your Soul.

As I keep saying, this is a spiritual journey and an opportunity for  self-expression.  Break away from the mind-control most assiduously dominant through television.  Honor the ancestors who gave up so much to make the Constitution a reality as a sacred document and a gift from our Creator.

In Truth and Freedom,

Renee Devereaux, M. S.

Office: 775 434 2512; Cell: 775 434 9568

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